Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Use Vastu Principles To Attract Wealth

Lord Kuber is considered the god of wealth in vastu principles. The whole idea is to keep the lord happy always to attract the wealth and happiness by following the vastu principles.  The following simple vastu principles attract wealth and remove any obstacle that may be there in the wealth creation in the house.

The principles are very simple and do not require any extra expenditure on the part of the owner. The first principle says that the money locker must never be placed under any beam as it puts lot of pressure on the financial conditions of the family or its business.
The   locker or almirah where money is kept must be kept in such a way that it opens to the north direction. The north direction is the direction of the kuber and this opening towards the north direction helps in filling the money locker again and again. Another trick, Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi recommended by some experts, is to keep a mirror in front of the locker so that the image of money in the mirrors shows double the amount. 

The north east corner is considered one of the auspicious corners in the vastu. The owners are advised to keep this corner free from any clutter or heavy machinery. The clean clutter free north east attracts wealth. There should not be any staircase in the north east direction as well. Also another related principle, is that there must not be any curved wall in the north east part of the house. The construction of the wall must be in the right angles.

As far as possible avoid a house, which has a high rise building or temple in the north east of the house. This can lead to loss of wealth. If there are such structures, make sure that their shadows do not fall on the house. The plot of the land must be at higher level than the road elevation or at least equal to it. The house must not be lower than the road elevation level.

The south west corner of the house, office or any commercial property must not have any water body, such as swimming pool, lower than the normal ground level.  The construction acts in opposite to the wealth creation principles.

 If possible keep the wall or boundary of the south and west wall higher than the walls in the east or north side of the house.  Some of these Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi steps can be taken without making additional changes in the house or apartment.

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