Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Vastu Brings Peace And Happiness In Home With Simple Steps

Vastu, the ancient science that attracts the positives vibrations of the universe is very relevant to the home and its environment. It balance the energies flowing in the home and leads to happiness and peace for the inhabitants of the home or a buildings.

The Vastu experts Learn Vastu Institute in Delhi do not change the structure of the whole home or redesigned the building. They just suggest few changes and create the necessary environment for the desired results. By making few simple changes at the home, the home is aligned to the positive line of the nature.
The changes begins with the placement of the wind chimes. The ideal place for them according to the Vastu science is north, west and northwest zones of the home. In north, the wind chime made up of five rods should be placed. This as per the Vastu rules, creates new opportunities for the person in his career. Similarly, the seven rod wind chime in the western zone is for overall gain for the occupant of the home.

Location of the dressing table in the right direction can lead to improvement in the relationships. The ideal placement is adjacent to the bed room. But it should never be placed in the south wall of the south zone of the home, as it may lead to more expectations from the spouse, which may not be good for the long term relationship. The effect of mirror in the Vastu is the deciding factor in the placement of dressing table in the Vastu calculations.
Place for statues or idols is north east part of the house or home. Northeast is considered as sacred place in the Vastu and it is also the place that is responsible for your connectivity with yourself. It is believed that when a symbol of spirituality is place in the north east zone of the home; it sends a message to the home that you are aiming for connection with your higher self. Then the space energies will start the programming your subconscious mind and the person feel connected. This connection with higher self lead to formation of new ideas, clarity of thoughts and increasing creativity.

The consultation with expert Vastu practitioner Vastu shastra consultants in Delhi will reveal new insights how a simple home or apartment can be changed to bring new energy and create the atmosphere for happiness.

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