Monday, 25 April 2016

Service of Astrologer and Numerologist helps to clear bad phases of life

Astrologers make birth chart to know the presence of heavenly bodies on the chart of a person. The placement of heavenly bodies determines the general trend of the life of the person. It is believed in the astrology that the position of planets at the time of the birth of the person has major impact on the life of the person. The birth chart is made on the information given to astrologer by the person. This information about time of birth, day of birth and place of the birth has to be accurate.

The accuracy of this information affects the accuracy of birth chart reading.  During the reading of the chart, the favorable and unfavorable periods can be determined by the astrologer. The person is allowed to take advantage of the favorable conditions by making maximum efforts to achieve goals. But the problem comes when a person has to pass through bad phases of life. Here, the effect can be devastating for mental condition of the person. If a person is mentally upset, his or her work is also affected. The problem can lead to financial or emotional disturbances.

It is during low periods that a person consults an astrologer or numerologist. An experienced astrologer Top Astrologer in Delhi knows the emotional turmoil through which a person is going at that time.  The astrologer consults lal kitab (the red book) for simple and practical remedies. These steps are taken without any extra expenses and can be performed without going out of the way by any person.

The steps are full of common sense and help a person to gradually take the day to day life in control.  This gives a sense of purpose to the confused person. The wearing of a ring in a particular finger at auspicious time is another suggestion. The aim of all these suggestions is to change the vibrations or cancel any negative vibrations emanating from planets   . The guidance of an astrologer plays in vital role in preventing the person going downhill.

Similarly, a numerologist Best Numerologist in Delhi calculates the lucky number for the person. This best number may in the name of the person or in single digit of birthday (for example, 20 can be 2 and 14 can be 5).Sometimes, the pronunciation of the name creates negative vibrations in the life of the person. An experienced numerologist slightly changes the sound of the name, by replacing or adding a vowel. This new sound matches the birth day number or birth year of the person and creates positive energy.

This position energy attracts positive results for the concern person. A numerologist may insist on doing all deals in life on a particular date or number. The particular number is taken from the calculations relating to the name or birth day number of the person. The number for business success, success in love life and person relations are also provided. The best gemstone matching individual names and number are also suggested by the numerologists. 

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