Monday, 9 May 2016

Get Energy And Positive Vibrations In Life By Vastu And Numerology Consultations

Basic aim of the vastu consultation is to balance the five nature elements and aligned the buildings in such a way the full force of positive vibration of the nature is focused on the building. Vastu is an ancient science that is based on the principle that to achieve material prosperity and peace, the building should follow the auspicious directions. Every room and activity of the home is given certain place for receiving the energy. The vastu is considered a pure science of structure, energy and vibrations. The proven methods are used to bring peace and prosperity to the home owners.  By the proper use of vastu, the stagnated energies in the building can be moved to generate flow of energy and remove all the negativity.

The principles of the vastu can be applied to any home, office, room, factory and residential building or apartment. The existing buildings are not changed but some minor changes like putting mirror at strategic places, giving different shape to the d├ęcor by adding some items or removing some items is done to restore the energy balance in line with nature forces. The mental peace and clarity is achieved, which is then transferred to all human activities.  The occupants of such building Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi which confirm the vastu principles are happier and peaceful than others and lead content lives with full of energy and less fatigue.

Some people do not know the exact date of birth of time of the birth, which are very essential for making accurate birth charts, known as kundali. The astrologer gives various suggestion and charts exact position of heavenly bodies on the base of the birth chart. The entire reading can go wrong if the exact time of the birth is not available. For those, who do not have exact time of birth, the use of numerologist can be very helpful.  A numerologist just takes the birth day number and by adding them gets one number. That one number defines the whole personality of the person. For positive vibrations with other number, the numerologist gives favorite number to the person. This favorite number is the number which is auspicious to the person. The person is asked to start all important works of his life on the date, which gives this number. For example, if the person is born on 17 of a month, then the 26, 8 can be the lucky number for that person. But there are some remedies, a person has to take. Sometimes the person born under the influence of 8 or 4 is asked to follow certain precautions to avoid getting bad luck .The best numerologist may Best Numerologist in Delhi also change the vibration of a name by adding or deleting some vowels to create positive vibration in life.  By changing the sound of the name of the person, the person can experience new energy and enthusiasm in life.

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