Sunday, 15 May 2016

Live in harmony with nature by vastu and astrology consultations

Vastu is an ancient Indian science, which believes that five basic elements of the nature must be balanced to achieve inner peace and prosperity. The construction of building and their designs were made in such a way that they were align to receive full positive energy and vibration occurring in the nature. This science is practiced today as vastu shastra. The consultations are provided to give particular direction for entrance into the building, place is selected for main office or head of the family. The every activity of the house or office is given a proper place, where the energy created is positive and promotes that activity. For example, the north east is considered sacred place, which must be for kitchen or prayer room. This place must not be used for bathroom or toilet.

Vastu consultations can be taken for offices, factories, commercial buildings and omes..Existing building can also be aligned with vastu principles by slight changing the placement of various items in the room or adding some feng shui products at carefully selected places. The basic aim is to restore Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi the balance of energy and allow human to live in peace and harmony. The construction and significance of each direction is different from each other and vastu   aligns buildings into harmony with these differences.

Living in harmony with movements of various heavenly bodies can be achieved with the consultations of an experienced astrologer. The heavenly bodies always change their positions and this creates ripples in the live of human beings. The adverse impact of some planets can be managed by remedies given from lal kitab. This book was written centuries ago on some simple and particle remedies to convert negative energy into positive energy.  The remedies are given by astrologer from the book. These remedies do not take any investment of money or special efforts to be put into use. The remedies can be as simple as putting something in running water, or touching the feet of the mother every day for blessings .The experience of an astrologer counts a lot in these Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi consultations as he takes those remedies which effectively deal with the situation and circumstances. But these remedies can backfire, if they are not implemented according to the right rituals. The consultation with experienced astrologer is very important to get the right ritual associated with lal kitab remedies.

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