Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bright Future Astro And Vastu : Lal Kitab Remedies in Astrology

Lal kitab (red color book on astrology and palmistry) was written more than a century ago in Persians language. It contains set of five books on astrology and principles of palmistry. The original author of the book is unknown. The combination of astrology and palmistry gives accurate prediction on the various problems faced by human being. Since accurate birth date and timing is crucial to make the birth chart and further calculations, an astrologer well versed in lal kitab principals gets exact date of birth and timing with use of palmistry. Thus the services of a lal kitab astrologer are more accurate in making birth chart and anticipating the troubles of life.

To deal with troubles in life and solve them, the lal kitab gives some simple and effective remedies .These remedies are used by common person, without any additional expenses and need to change the life. That is the reason, for popularity of the lal kitab.

According to lal kitab, wearing clean and ironed clothes strengthens the Venus. This strengthening of the Venus will create attraction for opposite sex in life. Also lal kitab says that one should touch the feet of mother as this act will strengthen the moon, which stands for mother. Adhering to them for longer period, will help a person .Similarly, there are other remedies, which look simple and practically ineffective, but these have logic behind them.

Though there are a many Lal Kitab remedies, which can be used by all persons, yet these must not be followed by anyone without consulting an astrologer of lal kitab.  Each remedy is based on the birth chart of the person, since birth charts are not same, so the remedies prescribed to a person are also not same.

 The remedies only demand patience and faith to bring the results. Some remedies have to be continued for 40 days without interruption.  If a person is not able practice for few days, he or she can take the rest for few days, before starting again. The 40 day schedule must not be interrupted in any way . This condition is must in some remedies.  As a lal kitab astrologer predicts the troubles of life of a person by studying his or her birth chart, a vastu shastra, predicts the flow of energy in a building or house by its construction and design.

Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi. A vastu shastri will align the design of a house or building in such a way that the flow of positive energy is received and negative energy is decreased. A lal kitab astrologer can get true predictions of life because of its knowledge of palmistry. Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi gives practical and simple remedies for avoiding the troubles, which are harmless and do not harm any person. If remedies are not brining the desired result, then a person can stop them and consult a lal kitab astrologer.

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