Monday, 1 February 2016

Know The Challenges Of Life And How To Deal With Them

Numerology is study of the numbers that occur with the name of a person, or date of birth or year of the birth. According to numerologists, these numbers have a certain vibrations and these influence the life of a person. The vibrations can be positive or negative. A numerologist tries to create the positive vibrations by changing the sound of the pronunciation of a name. This change is brought by adding or deleting some alphabet or vowel without changing the name of the person.

In the same manner, the vastu principles are also used to increase the flow of positive energy in a house or building .If a house or building is not in the direction of the flow of this positive energy, some alterations are made to align the structure in direction of the positive flow.  This alignment is done by the vastu (dwelling) expert with the chart of the house and by keeping the directions of the vastu in mind.  Therefore the knowledge of numerology and vastu shows us the challenges or difficulties in life and also suggest ways to deal with them.

Numerology believes that there are three types of challengers in the life of a person. And these challenges are outstanding challengers, outer challenger and cipher challenges. Any challenge that comes twice or more than twice in the life of a person is known as outstanding challenge. This challenge or challenges may have nine year cycle. Mixed challenges occur with variety of numbers with different energies working together. A cipher challenge is caused by lack of particular direction in life. This lack of direction can causes lot of other difficulties. The timing of challenges is also calculated with the numerology method. 

The energies of a house, in which an individual lives, can also be positive or negative, depending on the structural design.  Best vastu Shasta consultants in Delhi shows the directions of vibrations, which enhance the life of occupants, and brings the structural in line of these vibrations. Thus a person with knowledge of invisible energies and their flow can attract the positive energies and avoid the direction of vibration of negative energies.  With the help of a numerologist a person will learn that all these challenges are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they can be good, through which an individual can grow and experience more clarity in life. A numerologist identifies the energies, which can be increase by changing the vibrations of a name to deal with these challenges. The advanced knowledge of these challenges prepares a person well to take the preventive steps. Best Numerologist in Delhi can help a person by preparing him or her, to use the best phase of life by cultivating certain habits, for example, sensitive, so that a person can use knowledge and understanding for solving the problems of life.

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