Thursday, 18 February 2016

Increase the positive energy in life by adopting principles of astrology and vastu

Both astrology and vastu shastra tries to attract the positive energy by eliminating the negative energy in life.  Vastu principles are related to a building or house. Every direction in vastu has some energy and is seat of a particular lord. The building or a house in constructed in such a way that the flow of these positive energies is channeled into the house by marking places for every activity of inhabitants or person living there. For example, the doors are not made to face the south direction, which is not considered auspicious.  Also it is advised that the head of the family should have the room in the southwest corner of the house. The setting arrangement in the drawing room is also kept in such a way the person are facing north or east. Northeast is the place fixed for prayers or a prayer room.  It is also suggested that persons should face north or east while eating.  Lot of similar suggestions is made to capture the flow of positive energy and take the vibrations for creating mental well being and harmony in life.  

In the same way, an astrologer makes a birth chart of the person on the basis of date of birth, timing of the birth and place of the birth.  The knowledge of exact birth timing is vital for making accurate birth chart and its subsequent study.  The accurate birth chart will show, which planet is rising or which is ascendant planet.  The position of moon and how far it is from sun house determines the strength of the moon in the chart. A top astrologer also pays attention to understand the zodiac sign present in the house, its position and the position of its lord planet.

The services of expert and experienced vastu and astrologers can made lot of difference between getting accurate predictions and wrong interpretations.  Best vastu shastra consultants in Delhi will just suggest some alteration in the already constructed houses to rectify the mistakes according to vastu.

A top astrologer will take great care to mark the position of the planets on the chart for right interpretations. The chart is then analyzed to study how placement of different planets is affecting the life of the person.  All the planets are taken into consideration with addition of rahu and ketu. , Rahu is head of dragon and ketu is tail of the dragon. Actually these are the two points, which are at the intersection of earth’s equator and moon’s orbit extending into the space. The analysis of the birth chart is done to know the life of person from different point of view like marriage, career, business, relations, property etc. The coming of various problem, are also predicted by knowing the position of various planets and their movements the future.  Top Astrologer in Delhi must be able to tell the past and future possibilities also.

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