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Lal kitab Remedies and Instructions to Perform the Remedies

In Lal kitab the remedies are given to reduce the impact of those planets, which are harmful to the human being .The remedies are easy, inexpensive and effective. These can be adopted by anyone without extra cost. The remedies are effortlessly easy to incorporate in daily life without changing the life style. These remedies are suitable for immediate results in the kaliyuga, because the traditional methods like yagya, Havana, japa and mantra have become complex and involve lot of expenditure and time. The remedies are as easy as establishing something in home or throwing something in running water.

The remedies should be adopted only after the consultation with an astrologer well versed in the principles of lal kitab. A lal kitab astrologer will be in the best position to give you remedies to adopt with his experience and knowledge of astrologer and palmistry. A lal kitab astrologer involves the study of palmistry to get the accurate birth time to make a chart to get the accurate position of planets. That is why, his study of the birth chart of a person and suggestions on the reading of the birth chart will be accurate compare to other astrologers, who don’t take the help of the lal kitab.

Instruction for performing remedies of lal kitab –

These remedies can be performed at any time. But the important condition is any remedy or remedies, recommended, by an astrologer, is that these must be observed or performed, as per suggestions, for 43 days, without any break. In case, a person is not able to perform the remedies and stopped the observance after few days, due to some personal problems, he or she can discontinue the observing of remedies for few days and then can start afresh for next 43 days, without any hindrance. The fact is that remedies should be performed without break for the stipulated period to get full impact.If some negative impact is observed, and then a person should immediately stop observing remedies and consult the astrologer.
To increase the beneficial influence of remedies, some rich washed with milk should be kept nearby at the time of start of the observance of the remedies.

The remedies performed before sun rise or after sunset will bring no reward. A Top Astrologer in Delhi will make the correct birth chart of a person for suggesting measures to avoid negative influence and increase the impact of beneficial planets.  Since precise day and time of birth is important in making birth chart, a Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi with use of palmistry can come to the accurate birth time of a person. This combination of palmistry and astrology helps to make the accurate birth chart. And the remedies and suggestion are based on birth chart. So, consulting lal kitab astrologer is the best option for getting accurate reading of one’s life course with astrology.  

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