Monday, 18 January 2016

Change the Flow of Invisible Force to Make Ride of Life Smooth

Vastu and numerologists try to positively influence the invisible forces which affects our life in numerous ways. The vastu is ancient Indian philosophy which has root in the thought that every planet emits energy and this energy is constantly affecting the life of individuals. This affects our dwelling also .That is why a vastu ( dwelling or structure ) tries to align the construction of a house or building in such a way it gets positive energy and minimizes the effects of negative energy .

According to vastu, the world is made up of five elements, earth, air, water, space and fire. The combination and balance of these five basic elements affects the flow of energy. These elements are given the right combinations and balance in the construction of a building.  A numerologist, on the other hand by changing the words used in a name, tries to increase the positive vibrations, to bring beneficial impact in the life of an individual. Both vastu and numerology, attempt to create harmonious relationship between an individual and physical surrounding.

Vastu says that every activity of a house has a place and that place is determined according to the position of lord in four main directions. For example, the north is ruled by lord of wealth, called kubera. So anything which is auspicious should be placed in north direction.

People, who have used the services of Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi claim that they find more inner peace in daily life, have improved concentration and they can take better decisions in personal life and in business. The level of stress and tension has also decreased and they find spiritual bless in their overall life. 

Numbers of one birth and name, according to numerology, has the positive and negative impact on the individual, governing his or her life in all aspects. The personal growth, business successor, even a relationship is impacted by how a name is spelled and pronounced. A name emits certain vibrations, which are based on its numeric value, and since all values are representatives of planets, numerology believes that how a person name is pronounced and spell has more significance in numerology than how a name is written. With the help of Best Numerologist in Delhi any name can be changed in such a way that it is compatible with the destiny, which is available through horoscope. This combinations then shows positive results .Numerology believes that  any individual can know the best time of his life and how to convert the positive vibrations into gains .The services of a numerologist make let you know your own character, the challenges, likely to come in life and how to handle those challenges, by changing the vibrations of a name. The use of lucky number and changing the pronunciation, by emphasizing a particular vowel or alphabet, can make the difference between success and failure.    

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