Saturday, 16 January 2016

Channel the Invisible Energy of Heavenly Bodies to Produce Positive Impact in Life

According to ancient India wisdom all zodiac bodies have invisible energy which affects human beings. This energy is constantly flowing around us.  In astrology and vastru shastra, this invisible energy is channeled into positive energy to benefit a person or a build (vastu). In astrology, the positions of various planets are fixed on the chart of the person, based on the time of the birth. To increase impact of favorable planets and to decrease the effect of unfavorable planets, remedies are suggested by astrologers.  

Similarly, in vastru Shasta, construction of a house or building is done in such a way that it aligns with the flow of positive energy.  The basic of vastu Shasta is that five elements, air, water, fire, space and earth, together create life. It is the combination and balance of these elements which creates various situation of life, in which human beings have to manage their lives. Vastu attempts to shift this balance by aligning the structure of house or office in the flow of positive energy to gain maximum benefits.  Each direction, according to vastu Shasta has a lord and energy which are created in that direction is attributed to the lord. With this knowledge, the different function in house or in office can be placed in that direction to harness that flow for spiritual well being.

Lal kitab (red book), written in 19th century, on astrology and palmistry contains remedies for various planter afflictions. These remedies have led to separate study of famous lal kitab astrology. Which is using remedies written in the book to deal with problems created by adverse planetary positions.Lal kitab astrologers supplement the remedies with their experience and knowledge after accurately predicting the problems through birth chart study.

How astrological and vastu shatra consultations helps us?

Astrology prepares a birth chart of a person which shows the birth ascendant , moon sign sun sing  and position of  planets , time period , when planets transits , and their influence on a person .
Then they study the chart to find out the strength and weakness of the chart. Then remedies are based on the predictions emerging from the chart study. Lal kitab astrologers base their suggestion after consulting the red book. Remedies are very simple and can be followed without extra cost.

Vastu consultants suggest finer alteration of houses and offices to change the flow of energy. They suggest different activities of a house or office, to fixed direction to gain from the energy flow. 
 Lal Kitab Astrologer in Delhi has firm belief that the remedies which are listed in red book are not only simple but can reduce the karmic burden on humans with enhanced benefits.

Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Delhi employs sensors to know the presence of energy and their flow in a building or house in a scientific way to provide accurate suggestions.

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