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Smoothen The Path Of Your Life With Best Vastu And Astrologer Consultations.

Vastu and astrology are ancient Indian beliefs, which attempt to control the invisible force of nature to enrich the life of a person by adopting principal tested for thousands of years. Astrology predicts the placement of planets in our life, whereas the vastu focus on the positive and negative energy around human beings.

Ancient Indian believed the nature affects all of us in one way or other and only by aligning with nature man can prosper and enrich his or her life. Our ancient sagas also felt that our dwelling are affected by nature and this led them to find ways to first  alien our temples to the laws of nature  , so that flow of natural energy is unrestricted for its live giving properties . Later this principal was extended to the all dwelling, human settlements and even colonies and cities.

How vastu principals are applied?

The base of vastu ( architecture ) science is the belief that life is made up of five main elements , such as , water (jala  ) , earth ( bhumi ) , fire( agni ) , space( akash ) and air( vayu ) . It is the presence of these elements which creates life on this planet. And ours is the only planet which has life until now, precisely because of these elements.
These forces are linked and they have visible impact on the life of a person. The vastru works on the assumption that if the force of these elements can be harnessed for positive benefits.      

The flow of these nature forces cannot be changed but vastu believes by changing the way a house is being made or by some alternation in line with the flow, we can use them for positive energy.  This positive energy then will enhance our spiritual well being with mental peace and opened the way to prosperity.

How use of astrology and vastu bring positive changed in life?

 Supernatural powers are attributed to four directions in vastu as is the case with astrology also where square chart shows the position of sun, moon and other heavenly bodies during the time of the birth of the person.
The placement of various zodiac bodies in the chart of a person is fixed at the time of his birth. This fixed position of various planets determines his or her traits in life. With the knowledge of an expert astrologer a person can manage the force emitting from these bodies to bring positive results in all aspect of life.    

Vastu Sastra and Astrology in Delhi –

Effective of vasru and astrology is directed linked with the experience and knowledge of the person you are consulting. That is why consult the Best Vastu Sastra Consultants in Delhi . Only then you will be able to see gains in life.

Similarly in astrology you must get the Top Astrologer in Delhi to analyses you chart and with remedies for bliss in life.

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