Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Solve All Life Problems with Remedies from Lal kitab

Lal kitab (red color book) hence the name, was written in 19th   century. The language used was Urdu. It covered vast subject of Vedic astrology. It has five books, which contain all the principles and knowledge of the subject. The book also contains easy to follow remedies and solution to problems affects life. Thus, lal kitab can be mentioned as a book on astrology and a system of astrology. Initially, it was written in Persian language. The original author, who wrote the book, is not known.

Astrologers consult this book, when suggesting the remedies to their clients, but they supplement the remedies with client specific issues and through their own reading of client’s horoscope chart. The use of palmistry in the book has significance because a good astrologer can use the knowledge of palmistry to better read the horoscope of an individual. In the red book, the palmistry has been explained in such a manner that each 42 divisions of the human brain have been linked with different houses of the birth chart of a person in a scientific manner that the sketch of brain is reflected on the palm of a person.

The remedies suggested in the book are simple to follow and all remedies can solve the chronic and day to day problem in life. The remedies are so simple and effective that, adopting them cost no money and hardly any extra effort. But only an experienced astrologer can bring the desired results from these simple remedies.  Because a top Astrologer in Delhi will always study the horoscope and also see the palm of a person to get the comprehensive view of life problems affects the person concerned. 

Astrology calculations are based on the birth chart of the person at the time of birth. The position of these heavenly bodies determines the life course of a person. The most significant contribution of red book is that the position of zodiacal bodies can be shifted, under certain conditions; to bright the desired result, by following some suitable remedies. Even if your do not have time of your birth, you still can get the solutions to your problems based on life symptoms.

A lal kitab Astrologer in Delhi will use the knowledge and suggestion in red book to guide an individual towards problem free life. An astrologer, who deals with lall kitab, will have good knowledge of both astrology and palmistry and through their knowledge he comes to the correct remedies to ward off evil force, affecting the destiny of a person.

The remedies mentioned in lal kitab have scientific base. and the concept of artificial planet , sleeping house , blind planets  and scapegoat planets make astrology base on red book different from Vedic or traditional astrology . The remedies of the red book are harmless and cannot inflict any damage or harm to anyone.

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